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Rosemary tea improves men's wellbeing, promotes cognitive function and acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body from issues. Rosemary plant prefers full sun, light and well drained soil. Besides this, it stimulates the appetite, reduces flatulence and is very refreshing in flavor.


The benefitial tonic of sage enables to provide an effective product for men support. Take 1 tablespoon fresh sage leaves and 1 tablespoon dried sage leaves and steep it for 3 – 5 minutes in boiling water. Strain it and mix honey in it for taste. sage tea is ready. It can be grown either in the ground or in pots. If grown in pots it’s important to water sage regularly.

Viola tricolor

Often referred as wild pansy, it’s a common European flower that grows wild as a short lived perennial. Viola tricolor is known for its benefitial properties. It contains ingredients that helps in men's support. can use whole plant to make tea. Also called as heartsease, viola tricolor grows in partial shade in slightly acidic to neutral soil.

Our process

We believe in using the highest-quality spices and botanicals for their natural goodness, complementing them with intriguing, delightful flavors - qualities that make all of our teas uniquely Proden. Our process begins long before these ingredients make their way into a cup of Proden tea. By implementing highly-selective sourcing standards, rigorous quality testing and a commitment to create products that minimize our environmental footprint, we ensure the highest quality products for while respecting our planet. It is our hope that this goodness shines through in every Proden product.

Our purpose

We believe the purpose of business is to serve. Proden was founded on this belief and still uses the idea of using business to serve as its guiding principle: 'Feel good, be good, do good.' For us, this means more than just creating deliciously purposeful herbal tea blends. With every ingredient we source, and every cup of tea we make, we strive to support quality, sustainability and social responsibility through partnerships with a common goal of 'Awakening Goodness.' From these tea gardens we hand-select the leaves that will shape next Proden moment.

Brewing instructions

Use one tea bag per cup. Add fresh, boiling water and allow to steep for 4 minutes or more. To create a stronger, more flavorful brew, simply allow it to steep longer - unlike ordinary black or green tea, Proden contains almost no tannins so it never becomes bitter. Steeping longer also releases more of the beneficial nutrients. Proden unique flavor is delicious just as it is, or for variation try adding a little honey, a slice of lemon or a splash of milk. Enjoy!